My Music Taste

This website shows a glimpse into my music taste, including a few of my favorite albums and artists. Music has been a big part of my life by helping get through tough times, connect with people, and keep an open mind. I really believe in the power of the medium to send thought-provoking messages and give people something to relate to or think about. I appreciate any artist who can do that while expressing themselves and making it sound great in the process.

While certainly focused on rap and hip-hop, I tend to explore and enjoy anything the genres touch, inlcuding soul, R&B, and metal. Below are some of the albums I have saved in my Spotify library.

A screenshot of a spotify home page with many album covers such as Cheat Codes, Starboy, SMITHEREENS, Graduation, Flower Boy, CARE FOR ME, and more, all laid out in a grid.