Favorite Artists

Headshot of Florida rapper Denzel Curry with a clean white background

Denzel Curry has a special place on this list because he is the first and only artist I've seen live in concert. His energy is unmatched, and it translates to his versatile music. From jazzy soul to hype rap, he has a song for everyone.

            Image of rapper and producer Tyler the Creator in a brown hat and striped shirt. He's holding his grammy in the palms of his hand and facing the camera.

Tyler the Creator is a one of a kind generational talent as a producer and artist. His use of instuments and synths have pushed the boundaries of the rap genre for over half a decade. With 3 back-to-back grammy nominated albums, Tyler is easily my most listened to artist.

            Image of Atlanta rapper JID smiling wearing a black bandana and hoodie with his tattooed hand on his chin.

JID is an Atlanta rapper known for his fluid and creative flows, many of which include fluxuating vocal inflections and slick bars. He occaisonlly flexes his singing voice as well. I find his songs infectious, and I enjoy supporting someone who's from the same state as me.

            Image of rapper A$AP Rocky sitting in front of a fire with his hands clasped together. He is facing the camera and wearing an all black outfit.

A$AP Rocky adds a touch of swagger to every song he's on. He's always a valuable feature, having gone old school with Nas and Black Thought, as well as working with upcoming artists such as $NOT. If Rocky's on a song, it won't dissapoint.