Safe Travels

A cross-platform mobile application, Safe Travels was my group's UGA Hacks 8 project that we made in under 48 hours using flutter, dart, and git. I worked on the backend, connecting to APIs and storing information in modular classes, as well as on the front end, designing simple information cards for the home page. This project taught me not to be afraid of learning new technologies. I had never used Flutter before, so there was a steep learning curve. I also learned the importance of good teamwork and efficient delegation of tasks.

Poké Pallettes

A javafx application, Poké Pallettes is an art tool which connects to both the Pokémon API and Imagga API to deliver a pokémon's details, image, and color pallette to a graphical user interface. The project was made with Java and the Maven build tool. It was the culmination of my software development class, and I learned how to use threading and make sequential API calls from user input.

Music Showcase

A multi-page website, my music showcase is built with pure html and css. It includes simple hover animations and responsive sizing to accomodate viewing on mobile. I learned how to use media queries and css keyframe animations, as well as how to include proper accessibility via semantics and alt text for images.

This Page

A responsive web page, this portfolio is made with html, css, and Bootstrap. It changes layout for smaller screen widths by using Bootstrap's breakpoints and grid layout. I learned how to use and troubleshoot the Bootstrap frontend framework.

Sight Seeker

A responsive browser game, Sight Seeker was my final project for my first web development course at UGA. It was made using html, CSS, Bootstrap, and vanilla JavaScript. The entire project is on github and was the culmination of everything I learned in the course. It features a responsive layout which works on mobile and desktop views, as well as a location guessing game where users are given an image and an opportunity to guess where it was taken. They are then awarded points based on distance and shown the correct answer. This project got me even more comfortable with git and introduced me to JavaScript, as this was my first time using the language.

Cat Compatibility

A webpage that leverages the Vue.js framework. I used two-way data binding to accept user input about their cat prferences, then, using data from the Cat API, I calculated a compatibility score for each cat and sorted them in descending order. The top 10 cats are then displayed on the screen.